Stewardship Prayer

Generous and Loving God, You call us to be disciples of your Son, Jesus and good stewards of all your many gifts. Open our minds and hearts to a greater awareness and deeper appreciation of your countless blessings. Transform us through the power of your Spirit to nurture a Stewardship way of life marked by faith-filled prayer, service to our neighbor, and generous sharing. Teach us to be faithful servants of your gifts. With Mary's help, may we return ten-fold the gifts entrusted to us. We pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen  

Hospitality-Christian Kindness

Jesus Christ teaches that whenever we welcome one of the least of our sisters and brothers, we welcome Christ Himself. Parishioners of a Stewardship parish seed to see the face of Christ in one another. A stewardship parish is a welcoming parish regardless of the parish demographics: large or small- urban, suburban or rural. 

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Service- Love in Action

Members of a stewardship parish are ready to minister to varied needs of their own parish family as well as the needs of the wider community and Church. Just as the members of a family come together to help one of their own, a stewardship parish family serves those who are hurting or in need, doubting or seeking salvation. The parish family also comes together to celebrate, thank and return God's gifts. 

Prayer- A Heart to Heart with God

Prayer and the sacraments dispose a soul to receive God's abundant graces, which are necessary to grow in holiness. It is through prayer that we nurture our personal relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Formation- Continuous Conversion

Formation is a formidable task, involving education for the mind and conversion of the heart. To know the "stewardship way of life" does not make one live a "stewardship way of life." Ongoing Catholic education is important if we are to grow in our lives as stewards.

Stewardship Committee Members

President-Mary Wallin

Brie Anwar

Tom Brooks

Bernice Selig

Jonathan Niotis

Lisa Hayes

Alfred Nkunga

Tonya Thomas

Kim Davidson